12 Best Sulfate Free Shampoos for Keratin Treated Hair

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When your hair has been treated, not every shampoo or conditioner is going to work for you. It is important for the health of your hair that you are using the best sulfate free shampoo for keratin treated hair. In this article, we are going to look at different good sulfate free shampoos for keratin treated hair. Here we will provide an overview of ten different top shampoos without sulfates, suitable not only for keratin-treated hair, but also for dry, curly, frizzy and damaged hair. These color-safe formulas without chemicals will be ranked according to their online ratings.

12. LuxeOrganix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

This SLS Sulfate free and cruelty-free Moroccan argan oil shampoo and conditioner set is absolutely safe for colored and keratin-treated hair. You can rest assured that this shampoo without sulfate and sodium chloride will protect and preserve your treatment, as it is recommended by professional hair stylists.

The product does not contain alcohols, phthalates or gluten, and leaves your hair smooth, soft and shiny. It is a good option not only for keratin-treated hair but also for hair extensions, as well as dry and damaged hair.

11. ArtNaturals Sulfate-Free Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

The Argan oil or the “liquid gold” is known for its nourishing and restorative properties. This volumizing and moisturizing shampoo combines the power of the Moroccan Argan oil with other natural botanical oils and extracts to protect color treated hair.

A solid choice for the best sulfate free shampoo for keratin treated hair, this product by ArtNaturals leaves hair thicker and shiny, gently cleansing without stripping color. Paraben-free and cruelty-free, this rich, organic formula also stimulates hair growth.

 10. Lisa Rachel Sulfate Free Conditioner & Cleanser 

The Lisa Rachel Sulfate Free Conditioner & Cleanser gently cleanses your hair without stripping it of its vital nutrients. It is the best sulfate free shampoo for keratin treated hair that deeply nourishes the hair, and leaves your tresses looking healthy and soft.

The conditioner in this cleanser helps to detangle your hair and reduce hair frizziness. Both of these aspects of this sulfate-free treatment serve to make your hair more manageable. The end result of your hair is ultra shiny, sleek and smooth locks. It also works as a treatment for damaged hair. This sulfate-free cleanser with chamomile and jojoba will add shine to your keratin-treated hair.

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 9. Moroccan Oil Shampoo

The Moroccan Oil Shampoo is a gentle shampoo that you can use on any hair type: dry, color treated, heat damaged, chemically processed and more. This is the best sulfate free shampoo for keratin treated hair that offers a beautiful shine to the hair and helps to reduce frizz.

By making hair sleeker, it becomes much easier to style and to manage. This organic shampoo contains natural ingredients, and is free of sulfates, parabens, artificial additives, color or fragrances. Instead, it has natural oils and herbs that enrich the hair as it cleanses. It is made with 100% pure argan oil that helps to nourish dry hair. This product is great for chemically processed or color treated hair, repairing split ends and strengthening hair.

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 8. Organic Vegan Hair Growth Organic Shampoo and Conditioner Set

The Organic Vegan Hair Growth Organic Shampoo and Conditioner Set helps nourish the hair with the nutrients that it needs. It is the best sulfate free shampoo for keratin treated hair that can help stop hair loss and promotes hair growth at the same time. You can use it on any hair type: dry, oily, straight, curly, color treated or heat damaged.

This organic shampoo&conditioner set offers thick, full locks, and uses no sulfates, chemicals or fillers at all. The end result of using this product is sleeker, shinier, softer, healthier hair. It is the best shampoo for keratin treated hair that treats split ends and restores natural moisture.

 7. 32oz Argan Oil Shampoo Treatment

The 32oz Argan Oil Shampoo Treatment has no parabens or sulfates. It is safe to use with a straightener or curler or to dye your hair. If your hair has been chemically treated, this sulfate-free shampoo can help keep it healthy. It comes with antioxidants that fight back against dry, brittle hair; this is the best sulfate free shampoo for keratin treated hair that naturally hydrates your locks.

It can repair the damage that is caused by heat or chemicals. This product works by getting inside of hair follicles to control frizz, and restore straight, softness and elasticity from root to tip. It is the perfect remedy for chemically treated hair.

 6. Puracy Natural Daily Hair Shampoo

The Puracy Natural Daily Hair Shampoo offers incredible detangling power to help make hair more manageable. It offers a luxurious, frothy foam without sulfates that penetrates every strand of hair.

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It is the best sulfate free shampoo for keratin treated hair that moisturizes the hair and scalp with ease. Coconut-based, this cleanser helps hydrate the hair and makes it stronger. It uses vitamins E and B5 to nourish the hair and eliminate friction and frizz. You can use this product on unruly hair of all types. Use for at least 2 weeks for best results.

 5. Argan Oil Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set

Made only with natural ingredients, the Argan Oil Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and rich oils. Safe for use on damaged, dry and color-treated hair, or after keratin treatment, this shampoo&conditioner adds shine and promotes healthier hair.

It contains no silicone, sulfates or fragrances and won’t damage hair that is sensitive. Hypoallergenic, this sulfate-free shampoo is safe for regular use by absolutely anyone. It takes advantage of a number of different extracts such as green tea, jojoba, silk, aloe vera and many others. This product is the best shampoo for keratin treated hair that also stops hair loss.

 4. Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner is free of parabens and sulfates. This makes it perfect for those who have hair that has recently been keratin treated. It comes with UV and thermal protection. These properties allow your hair to remain safe from heat and sun damage. Full of antioxidants and vitamins, it is one of the best keratin treatment products.

The vitamins deeply nourish the hair to make it stronger and healthier. The antioxidants in this product help to protect hair against harmful free radicals in the environment. This sulfate-free conditioner not only protects colored hair, but it also eliminates frizz and itchy dandruff.

 3. Honeydew Color Preservation Shampoo

The Honeydew Color Preservation Shampoo helps to revitalize hair without stripping its color. In fact, this product helps to enhance the color of your hair. It protects it against any fading and makes the dye last a long time.

This sulfate-free natural treatment features coconut oil that helps enrich hair and fights against breakage. It also nourishes split ends and helps to fight off hair loss. Fatty acids allow hair to remain supple, soft and thick. The jojoba and sesame oils help to prevent dull, lackluster hair. This color locking shampoo also promotes hair growth and stops hair loss.

 2. Natural Mint Shampoo and Conditioner Set

The Natural Mint Shampoo and Conditioner Set uses silk amino acids to provide a silken, sleek and smooth look and feel. It uses a color-safe formula that helps to keep color intact. It also revives dull, lifeless hair and gives it a new shine.

This shampoo and conditioner bundle is sulfate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free. It features nourishing oils that penetrate the scalp to deliver softer, stronger hair. This deep cleansing formula adds volume and lift to the hair and helps remove oily build-up. This product is not only safe for color treated hair, but also helps reduce dandruff and hair loss.

 1. Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Sulfate Free

The Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Sulfate Free is perfect for any kind of hair (damaged, dry, curly, frizzy, fine or color treated). It is totally free from sulfates, making it especially useful for keratin treated hair. This daily cleanser and moisturizer nourish while promoting hair growth.

It offers nourishing vitamins and antioxidants. The argan oil deeply heals the dry or keratin treated hair, and provides it with a beautiful shine. It helps to stop the scalp from flaking while restoring over-processed hair. The product also has UV-protectin, antioxidant and free-radical fighting properties.


Give your treated hair the best treatment possible with the best sulfate free shampoo for keratin treated hair. Take advantage of our list of shampoos without sulfates to get the best product for you. If your favorite one is not on our list, tell us all about it. Leave us a note in the comments section below.

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