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The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. People fall in love at first sight, so to speak, thus interlocking gazes with a potential flame is very important when feeling out the chemistry between a couple.

With that being said, a woman’s beauty is often measured by her seductive stare. You always want to make sure that your eyes are attention grabbing, distracting each gentleman that walks into the room.

Alright ladies are you down for the challenge, it’s time to mesmerize your men with your lashes! If you are sighing in discontent or looking away with those seemingly small lashes, not to fret.

Even if you struggle with short stubby lashes, I’m about to provide a prime solution for you.

There is no need to worry, as we’ve got all the cost efficient and downright glamorous solutions that you didn’t even know you needed!

In this article, we are going to go over the best rated false lashes on the market today. All around, these compiled lashes below have scored high on the glam-fam list.

From prom queens to celebrities, these lashes have been used by many and all. 

Below is a round-up of the best false lashes on the market today. Each lash set offers something a little different, giving your girls all that extra oomph. 

Comparison Table

blue eye with fake eyelashes

How We Chose Our Ratings

I know that finding the right pair of falsies for you is important but, with the thousands of lash tutorial videos on YouTube and all of the indifferent articles in magazines like Cosmo and Vanity Fair, it can be hard to narrow down which ones are the best ones to choose from.

So that’s why I’ve done it for you, you’re welcome.

Here are the top 7 best pairs of false eyelashes out there today!

This lash list has been found by comparing countless customer verified reviews over these products along with their sales statistics. Each false lash listed in this article I believe to be a solid alternative to getting pricey lash extensions put-on every couple of weeks. However, if you don’t believe me the best way to prove me wrong is to try them out for yourself and let me know what you think.

7 Best False Eyelashes

Nars Numero 5 Eyelashes

These NARS eyelashes have earned the top spot on this list because of their natural looking quality. Many of the false lashes out there are way too glamorous for a simple night out with your significant other or a cute little fashion shoot with friends. Don’t me wrong, I love getting all dolled up as much as the next girl, but these are definitely my favorite for a natural presentation.

There is something so refined about these guys that you’d never be able to tell they were fake.

Lashaholic Luxury Lashes Expensive Collection, Turnt Up Style

Now there’s a time for simple, but this isn’t it. Step onto a red carpet fresh in these B-E-A-utiful false lashes fit for the queen herself (Beyoncé of course). If I’m going out clubbing with my friends or to anything fancy these are my go-to. So worth the price if you are looking for perfection! I’d definitely recommend checking out amazon for these bad boys. A pair will run you about twenty-eight dollars before shipping.

One Two Lash

For a pair of lashes on the more unconventional side, try these on for size. They’re magnetic lashes. Specifically designed to not ruin your real lashes underneath. My lashes are extremely thin so it makes these guys some of my best friends. They never do any damage whatsoever. Just add a touch of eyeliner to the front corner of your lid and you’d never know they were fake! I will say however one downside of these lashes is that they can come off quite easily if you’re not careful. Hence the reasoning for third place. Still, all around an amazing pair of lashes and seeing as they’re only found online, certainly worth the shipping cost. I’d give these

Ardell Natural Lash

When it comes to makeup, I know, a hole in your pocketbook starts to burn pretty fast because it can (and always does) get expensive when buying makeup. Sometimes all you want to do is shell out a crisp 5-dollar bill and call it a day.

Well, a girl can wish, am I right?

However in this case you actually can wish, because with these pretty natural lashes now you can do all of the above! The Ardell brand is super affordable and very chic, making it a favorite among beauty lovers on a budget. The tiny lashes themselves can be a little difficult to put on at times, especially if you’re just starting out with false lashes. Due to their somewhat troublesome application, it’s earned them the number four spot on this list. Despite the difficulty complaints this product is solid and is all-around they are a good company at an affordable price!

Kiss Blowout Lash in Pixie

If you’ve got hooded eyelids, you’ve got to get these. Another drugstore brand with a high quality product. The Pixie lashes are beautiful, long, and curly; giving you that fluttered eyelid look. A cute final touch before a first date or a selfie festival. Be sure to buy the adhesive separately so you’re able to put these on! I’m giving these guys a thumbs up in my book, as I can’t wait to personally try these lusty lashes out for a night out on the town with my ladies.

Ardell Lash Trios

Honestly, I’m just a huge fan of Ardell. They’re affordable, they’re cute, and they’re right down the street at my nearest Walgreens! The trios allow you to build your own lashes. If you want them more spread out, go ahead! Want fuller or more natural looking eyelashes? You do you girl. Although not highly recommended for new users, these little pieces of lashes are awesome if you know what you’re doing. So give em’ a go, your eyes won’t be let down and neither will anyone else’s as they watch you strut your sass around the room.

Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection in Boudoir

For another glam lash, I recommend these little beauties. Because of the winged tip that the lashes give off at the end, they’re perfect for an extended cat eye or any over the top look. These are some of my favorites specifically because of how soft the lashes are. They’re fairly simple to put on, although make sure to buy the lash glue separately.

best false eyelashes - lady with long fake eyelashes design

Buyers Guide to Purchasing the Perfect False Lashes

The perfect set of false eyelashes is almost within your reach, don’t worry we will have you all dolled up by your next date night! However, there are a few things you are going to want to consider before you purchase your next pair of falsies. Below I’ve compiled a list of components to keep in mind the next time you look into buying a pair of fake eyelashes.

  •  Thickness: The thickness of the lashes absolutely matters, because depending on how thick the lashes are depends on the severity of dramatic look the woman is typically going for. The entire vibe can be set with the right set of lashes. Not too much and not too little is the way to go when trying to find the best false eyelashes!  
  • Price: Luckily, lashes don’t get too expensive. That’s not to say that these little suckers don’t rack up unexpectedly in your shopping cart! My best advice is to set a budget and stick to it.  
  • Comfort: The whole point of wearing nice fake eye lashes is so that no one can tell they are fake. So the rule of thumb is the more comfortable the lashes the more likely I am to purchase.
  • You feel?
  • I always look for lashes that I am going to be able to endure an epic night with. These lashes better be down for an adventure, and will need to stick to me through thick and thin. This job isn’t just for any ol’ cheap drugstore lash set. Nope, I always make sure to find a pair of lashes that go on like magic, stay on like glue and leave everyone start-stuck just with one sultry gaze.
  • Durability: Figuring out how long your new lashes are going to last is a very important factor when trying to find a new loyal falsie brand. You really don’t want to get stuck with some cheapo, fall off in the middle of the night and get tangled in your hair, pair of lashes.  
  • Ease of Movement and Cleaning: Bat those babies up at your men and mesmerize them with the mysterious depths of your irises. But whatever you do don’t freak them out with an eye spasm as your lashes stick together with the excess glue to your bottom eyelid when the eye is blinked too fast. This creates quite the comical, might be having an eye seizure episode where you are super embarrassed that your eyelash malfunction made it seem like you were having a metal trip-up. Not like that has happened to me or anything.
  • Anyways, always make sure to get the excess glue after application to the eyelid and be careful when batting those beauties at your admirers.
  • False Lashes for Fabulous Fashion
  • Buy one or buy them all, one really can’t go wrong with any of the lashes listed within this article. My opinion and expertise only go so far as the perfect pair of lashes is different for each and every one of us. Just make sure to take your personal preferences and makeup likes and dislikes into consideration before making a purchase.
  • Also always remember, no matter which lash pair you decide to start out with it really doesn’t matter if they don’t work out for you on the first go. As much as we like to think it, the world doesn’t end just because our fake lashes lives do. Try a pair and if it isn’t your jam then toss them and start again on a new pair.
  • Trial and error is always the most realistic way towards finding perfection. Either way, I wish you the best of luck with finding those dramatic lashes to perfectly pair with your look!

Let us know which of the above lash sets stuck out to you the most! And if you want to learn more beauty tips and tricks, feel free to check us out!

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