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Platforms Like Myspace And Vine May Come And Go, But Beauty Blogs Are Forever

There was a time before Instagram and Twitter, as hazy as it may seem when ads were unskippable, MAC Cosmetics were on every Christmas wishlist, and blogs ruled the Internet sphere.

Then came social media, and with it, an entirely new method for ingesting media.

We've bid adieus to many things in the beauty community – smokey eye tutorials, makeup collections that lap the down payment on our cars (thrice), and beauty hacks involving anything from glue sticks to the blueberries in your fridge.

However, there's one major exception to the cycle; one source that has managed to stand the test of time.

Yep. You guessed it, beauty blogs.

What's in that potent secret formula that keeps beauty blogs, here when Ask Jeeves was still roaming the Internet, to stay relevant?

What's the secret? Adaptation. Updating. Ebbing and flowing with time.

In 2019, beauty blogs are the ultimate accessory your favorite influencer is sporting. Why? Moving cross-platform hasn't yet been boiled down to a science, leaving gaps in that important info you're craving.

Have you ever spent hours googling "green lamp with floral shade," obsessing over that lamp in the background of your favorite guru's Youtube videos?

Have you zoned out while loading laundry into your washer, haphazardly pouring detergent onto your sheets, wondering how you too can get invited on brand trips to tropical getaways?

Do you find yourself genuinely curious as to what life as a new mom is like for that blogger you've been following since you were in college?

Enter beauty blogs. Always but a link and a click away, blogs allow us to immerse ourselves whole-heartedly within the world of our favorite gurus.

Take Zoella, grown to nearly 12 million subscribers, who started humbly on Blogspot while apprenticing for an interior design company. continues to house her projects old and new, with added personal content that's left readers always wanting more since 2009.

From every corner of the beauty universe, we've got you covered with our roundup of the beauty bloggers you won't want to miss this year.


1.1 billion views and five books later, Zoe Sugg has spent the last decade churning out content for her loyal fanbase. A pioneer in her own right, Sugg expertly navigated the then-unclear waters of Internet Stardom.

From starting her own line of beauty products to her wildly successful book Cordially Invited, Zoe has not only stayed afloat but risen far above the waves.

Where Else to Find Her:

On Youtube, where you can browse through hundreds of videos and find just about every beauty trend since 2009. Call it "research." Also on Instagram, where her curated wonderland of all-things beauty sits at over 1 million followers.

Why We Love Her:

Her bubbly personality could lift Oscar the Grouch's mood, plus, we'll take any opportunity we can get to peek inside her gorgeous home and those adorable pugs of hers!

Caroline Hirons

Skincare lovers, rejoice. You've just stumbled upon the first expert you'll also want to have coffee with. Caroline Hirons is another giant within the Beauty Blog community, and for good reason.

Her knowledgeability is no coincidence: she's a licensed aesthetician. Couple that with a soothing delivery and advice so easily digestible it sounds just how you're a best friend would say it, and you've got Caroline.

Let the binging commence.

Where Else to Find Her:

on Youtube, where you'll never buy another skincare product without consulting her library of uploads first, and on Twitter.

Why We Love Her:

It's not often that you find advice on the Internet that doesn't merely derive from perspective. You can truly count on Caroline Hirons.

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is a force to be reckoned with. With nearly 3 million subscribers on Youtube and over 1 million on Instagram, Aina has been trailblazing the path for inclusivity and honesty among the community since her channel's fruition.

Never afraid to speak on current events, you can often find them weaved throughout traditional beauty content, like makeup tutorials and reviews. The blend feels fresh and only reinforces Aina's down-to-Earth personality. 

Where to find her:

On Youtube, where popular cosmetics and skincare are put to the true test- no matter who the collaboration or sponsorship, and on Twitter, where Aina moonlights as La Bronze James. 

Why We Love Her:

Consistent uploads, truth bombs, and every product at Sephora, oh my! Jackie Aina is truly a queen among women.

Estee Lalonde

Estee Lalonde is a Canadian turned Brit with over 1 million subscribers on Youtube. What started as a small channel perhaps best known for sharing what Canadian beauty products Lalonde can't live without has sprouted into a strident career.

Author of Bloom: Navigating Life and Style and podcast hostess to On the Line, Lalonde has spread her likeness to several industries, thus branding a lifestyle worth swooning over.

Where Else to Find Her:

On Youtube, which consists of mainly "makeup, skincare, baths and jewelry," and on Instagram, for weekly doses of her adorable greyhound Reggie. 

Why We Love Her:

She's quick-witted, real, and always pushing herself creatively. Quick tip: watch her just before getting stuff done for a boost of inspiration.

Emily Weiss | Into the Gloss

Glossier is the makeup brand on everyone's Instagram saved tab. Its founder is it-girl Emily Weiss, the New York-based CEO, equally known for starting veteran beauty blog Into the Gloss.

 Into the Gloss was started in 2010 while Weiss worked at Vogue. She began writing the blog before work, waking up at 4:00 in the morning before leaving at 8. Over time, the blog grew to millions of views per month, a myriad of sponsorships, and a small staff. It was then that Weiss quit her day job, and the dream of Glossier was born.

On Into the Gloss, which has a staff featuring some of today's foremost beauty writers, you can find just about anything you need info on regarding your beauty routine. Weiss is still a regular contributor to the site and offers BTS looks at Glossier, too.

Where Else to Find Her:

On Instagram, where her motto is "Work hard, be humble, do the right thing, and make people happy," and on Twitter.

A Model Recommends 

Ruth Crilly is the founder of A Model Recommends, which is hands down one of the most recognizable beauty blogs on the planet. We'd place our bets that even Anna Wintour knows who Crilly is.

After a successful modeling career, Ruth Crilly began AMR in 2010. It has amassed a cult following, which is what drives her to continue after nearly ten years.

Where Else to Find Her:

On Instagram, where she showcases more intimate moments of her day-to-day life as a mom of two, wife, and lots of her adorable British Shorthair cat, Dexter. Also on Youtube, which serves as an extension of her blog in video form with tutorials, beauty and styling tips, and peeks into Crilly's personal beauty collection.

Why We Love Her:

She's a seasoned veteran, so we know that anything she recommends needs to make its way into our beauty cabinets, pronto.

Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn Ovard, originally known by the username Hautebrilliance, is a lifestyle vlogger and beauty blogger extraordinaire. 

Her keen eye for style and decor has attracted a fanbase of over 3 million (and growing!) and eventually led her to launch her highly successful clothing line, Luca & Grae.

Plus, as of 2019, Ovard and her husband Parker Ferris, who also has a vlogging channel of his own, are expecting a baby girl! So, you can count on loads of adorable baby content, and the cutest nursery known to man.

Her blog serves as more of a personal manifesto, including behind-the-scenes content and exclusive peeks that expand on her Youtube and Instagram content. It also houses updates on all of her many endeavors, so it's a great place to keep up with Ovard.

Where Else to Find Her:

on Youtube, where you can find an array of beauty, lifestyle, health, and style videos, and on Instagram. 

Why We Love Her:

Her unique blend of boho-chic makes us want to road trip with the top down and wind sweeping in our hair. Plus, her little family is simply the cutest.

Stephanie Gerber | Hello Glow 

Hello Glow is an all-encompassing destination for DIY natural beauty and wellness advice. Founded by Stephanie Gerber in 2011 "to rediscover [Gerber's] sense of self after becoming a mom," the blog continues to serve as a hub for all-things clean beauty.

Where Else to Find Her:

On Instagram  and Youtube. 

Why We Love Her:

She makes natural beauty seem attainable. In a highly saturated market, it can seem like achieving a fully eco beauty routine is impossible. With Gerber's DIYs and tips, a natural lifestyle is just a few tweaks away.

Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr wears many hats. On her beauty blog, she describes herself as an "Actress. Red wine & sausage dog lover," while on Youtube, she describes herself as an Actor, YouTuber, Harry Potter enthusiast."

Having accumulated over 3 million subscribers since her start in 2009, it's easy to see that Burr has spent her career continuously evolving, taking her loving fans alongside for the ride.

Tanya Burr's blog has a bit of everything: recent favorites, travel posts, and tons of jaw-dropping photoshoots to scroll through. Plus, it's one of the most beautifully designed sites on our list.

Where Else to Find Her:

On Youtube and on Instagram for some serious selfie inspiration.

Why We Love Her:

She's got a lovely London girl spirit with professional makeup chops to boot.

Jade Kendle

From Jade Kendle's blog: "For me, it's never “just about hair” or “just about makeup”. My biggest dream is to showcase how your gift is a vehicle to change the world. My goal: Live Bolder and Think Bigger.”

Kendle blossomed a full-time career out of her love of beauty. Known also as LipstickNCurls, she lovingly supplies her fans with knowledge on just about everything in the world of beauty.

Reviews, tutorials, and thoughtfully penned blog posts that reveal just how passionate Kendle is are among the content you can find Jade Kendle supplying.

Where Else to Find Her:

On Instagram (surprise! she's expecting. Gush over all of the mommy content.) and on her highly informative Youtube channel. 

Why We Love Her:

She's a role model through and through; she empowers her audience to chase after their dreams and find confidence from within.


Temptalia was founded in 2006 by Christine Mielke, who serves as swatch maven and also the site's editor-in-chief. Temptalia is a word Christine invented to describe their ideal reader –“they're smart, sexy, confident, and totally amazing!”

Where Else to Find Her:

On Instagram and Facebook

Why We Love Her:

Mielke didn't invent a run-of-the-mill beauty blog, but an empire that houses on information on just about every beauty product in existence. Need a swatch under accurate lighting before buying? Always consult Temptalia.

Zoe London

Zoe London's blog is like none other on this list – or the internet. In fact, if you never told us she was a beauty blogger, we'd guess she was a seasoned journalist that moonlights at Vogue. 

Her incredibly moving blogs which span topics from beauty to fashion to music, like "Realistic Ways To Be More Sustainable With Fashion," and "Don't Bankrupt Yourself Following Influencers," provide an honest insight into the industry that you won't find elsewhere. 

Don't get us wrong, though. There are plenty of beauty-filled pages, and yes, many include details on how she upkeeps that stunning pink hair of hers.

Aside from her successful blog, Zoe regularly uploads travel and beauty vlogs to Youtube.

Where Else to Find Her:

On Youtube and Instagram. 

Why We Love Her:

London has a unique indie vibe that's not commonly found among influencers in the beauty sphere.

Samantha Maria Official 

Samantha or Sammi Maria is the ultimate girl crush. Flashback to 2009 and Sammi was blogging and vlogging her way through university before earning her degree as a fashion student.

Always on the cutting edge of online beauty trends, Sammi has always stood on the forefront sharing her outfit inspiration, personal style, and beauty routines.

Sammi is also revered for her "Girl Talk" chats, which give honest insight and perception into experiences that aren't regularly discussed in the media. 

In addition to her British-meets-French approach to beauty, she regularly shares glimpses of life with her daughter Indie, husband Jason Davis, and hilarious bulldog Franklin.

Where Else to Find Her:

On Youtube, which has amassed over 2 million followers, and on her gorgeously curated Instagram. 

Why We Love Her:

Always in tune with her audience, Sammi communicates with her audience to bring content that's as loving nurtured as it is highly requested.

Hello October

Suzie Bonaldi is the face of Hello October, a neutral wonderland of city-chic beauty and style. In her words, "in a nutshell, I'm a pint-sized lover of liquid liner, home interiors, puppies and, most importantly, CLOTHES."

Where Else to Find Her:

On Youtube and Instagram. 

Why We Love Her:

Like the month that graces her channel, her New York style and style of writing is cozy and familiar.

The Anna Edit

Anna Newton is a "U.K-based online content creator, co-host of the podcast ‘At Home With…' and author of the organization manual ‘An Edited Life'." She also is the face behind The Anna Edit.

Like her book title would suggest, it's Newton's approach to content creation that's allowed her to wedge her own corner of the beauty universe. Well-articulated, relatable, and witty, reading The Anna Edit is homemade soup for the soul.

In addition to her blog, she uploads weekly (and every so often, she dabbles into daily vlogging) to her Youtube channel, often showcasing her updated skincare and makeup routines, health and wellness, and her highly popular capsule wardrobe.

Where Else to Find Her:

On Instagram, for a syncopated, BTS look at her life behind the blog posts, and on Youtube. 

Why We Love Her:

She has a best friend quality that makes you confident you could spend hours gabbing with her on the phone. She also pulls inspiration beauty-wise from celebrities and other popular beauty mavens, and the crossovers make for great content.

Rachel Nguyen | That's Chic 

woman meditating by the river

Take Reformation, Glossier, and Lisa Frank, combine them, flip them, and you'll have Rachel Nguyen. Her blog has a French girl flair and Nguyen's writing style is effortless and breezy to read.

Where Else to Find Her:

On Youtube  and Instagram.

Why We Love Her:

Cool-girl is an understatement when it comes to Rachel. Her fashion-forward yet California cool style keeps us holding out for more.

Patricia Bright

Over 2 million people loyally look up to British vlogger Patricia Bright's, where on her blog and Youtube channel, she covers everything from makeup reviews of the latest products to how to make a house a home. 

Her channel even garnered the interest of cosmetics giant Bobbi Brown, where Bright still currently serves as a brand ambassador.

Her content ranges greatly, and it's in that diversity that Bright has managed to build a fanbase fo fervid fans that linger on every word she shares. 

Always a cornerstone of truth in an otherwise murky industry, you can count on Bright to tell it like it is in regards to a product, even when a brand sent it to her for free.

Where Else to Find Her:

On her Instagram, which, let's be honest, looks more like a Pinterest feed, and on Youtube. 

Why We Love Her:

Nothing that Patricia puts out has a "for-the-money" feel. It's refreshing to see that some creators have held on to the genuine passion they had at the start of their careers.

What Men Should Smell Like 

perfume in a black background

It may be what men should smell like, but ladies can certainly learn a thing or two – or three, or four, from Ilolahia. Clayton Ilolahia describes himself as a fragrance nerd.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Illoahia shares his thoughts "on all things fragrant," from new the newest collections to hit stores to the bottle that sat on Marilyn Monroe's bathroom vanity.

He breaks down not only how a perfume smells on the skin but how it makes you feel when you wear it. He perfectly pens just how a combination of notes can elicit a memory or a dream, and make it come alive within your senses.

He also describes what events each perfume would perfectly accent, and a look behind-the-scenes at the companies that create them. 

His community is small, but growing fervently, and active with their contributions and reverance for Illoahia.

Where Else to Find Him:

On Facebook  and Instagram.

Why We Love Him:

No one else in the beauty community has corned perfumes and fragrance quite like Illoahia.

Lily Pebbles

The other half to 'At Home With...' Lily Pebbles' successful Youtube channel and beauty blog have been the enzyme to her success, allowing her to transition from a busy career in PR to full-time blogging.

On Lily Pebbles' eponymous blog, she shares all-things beauty, style, and lifestyle. Honing a collection is the subject of many of Pebbles' posts, inspiring her readers to create routines that feel like being at home even when applying makeup.

When it comes to her approach, she tells Glamour, "Whether it's blogging or making videos, it's important to create content that you genuinely like and enjoy. Show your passion and stand out by just being yourself."

She's expecting in 2019, too, so enjoy an array of pregnancy and baby posts! Pebbles makes being a mom look like a fashion statement.

Where Else to Find Her:

On Youtube and Instagram for lots of flat lay goodness. 

Why We Love Her:

There are no frills when it comes to Lily's content. It's concise, it's well-articulated, and it's always easy on the eyes.

Why do we love beauty blogs after all this time? Anna Newton puts it best. 

On her blog, she writes, "...the content lends itself still to a blog format – even all these years later. A city guide for example that you can bookmark and load when you're not sure of where to have dinner at your new destination. Packing guides with PDF's that you can print out. Recipes. A good ol' heart to heart that you just don't fancy doing on camera. When you fancy a distraction but don't have your headphones. When scrolling has given you a headache and you just want something to READ."

In other words, while the rest of the world spins and technologies continue to evolve, we can always count on beauty blogs to come home to.

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