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IT Cosmetics Reviews: Our Honest Opinion

Browsing the cosmetics aisle is nothing new for most women, and yes, even some men – especially for those who supper from skin conditions. The problem is that there are so many skincare lines out there, it can simply be too overwhelming to pick something, especially when you don’t know what will work for your skin type.While doing some research of our own, we stumbled

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smudges of best foundation for mature skin and in three different colors

10 Best Foundations For Mature Skin

As you grow older, a lot of aspects of your life start to change. Shouldn’t your makeup routine be one of them?Your skin is aging, meaning that you may have less elasticity and clarity, while gaining more spots, wrinkles, and lines. This means you should choose makeup that assists your skin in covering and removing these problems, and that definitely includes your foundation products.We will

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Woman tanning on the beach

15 Best Self Tanner Brands You Can Buy

Tradition tanning is a pastime that many still enjoy today. There is, after all, no comparable feeling to having the warm sun on your bare skin, and the glow that comes with it only makes us feel that much prettier. That is if we don’t burn. Self-tanning has become a popular alternative to the traditional tanning method because it is considered much safer, and if

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woman applying moisturizer on her face

The Insider’s Guide To Beauty Bloggers

Platforms Like Myspace And Vine May Come And Go, But Beauty Blogs Are Forever There was a time before Instagram and Twitter, as hazy as it may seem when ads were unskippable, MAC Cosmetics were on every Christmas wishlist, and blogs ruled the Internet sphere.via GIPHYThen came social media, and with it, an entirely new method for ingesting media.We’ve bid adieus to many things in

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Woman washing another woman's hair

5 Of The Best Shampoo For Hair Loss

Hair loss can happen to anyone and everyone. And unfortunately, I’m not just talking about old people being effected. Contrary to popular belief, hair loss is actually a lot more common than most assume. Unfortunately, the myriad of lock loss causes can range drastically, whether it be onset from your hormones, stress level, vitamin intake, dandruff or other thyroid and autoimmune disorders, hair loss is

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