A red haired woman having a beautiful makeup

What Is Baking Makeup? How The Technique Gives You A Flawless Complexion

​Image Source: PixabayAlthough the term “Baking Makeup” may conjure up images of aprons and making brownies while applying lipstick, it is actually a cosmetic application technique that gives you a flawless complexion. So, what is baking makeup, why would you want to do it, and how is it done? The first thing you probably already know is that there is no oven involved. In fact, we

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smudges of best foundation for mature skin and in three different colors

10 Best Foundations For Mature Skin

As you grow older, a lot of aspects of your life start to change. Shouldn’t your makeup routine be one of them?Your skin is aging, meaning that you may have less elasticity and clarity, while gaining more spots, wrinkles, and lines. This means you should choose makeup that assists your skin in covering and removing these problems, and that definitely includes your foundation products.We will

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woman applying moisturizer on her face

The Insider’s Guide To Beauty Bloggers

Platforms Like Myspace And Vine May Come And Go, But Beauty Blogs Are Forever There was a time before Instagram and Twitter, as hazy as it may seem when ads were unskippable, MAC Cosmetics were on every Christmas wishlist, and blogs ruled the Internet sphere.via GIPHYThen came social media, and with it, an entirely new method for ingesting media.We’ve bid adieus to many things in

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best under eye concealer

Best Under Eye Concealer

7 Best Under Eye Concealers If you wear makeup and don’t always get your 8 hours of sleep per night, you’re probably already familiar with the magic of under eye concealer.This substance is a miracle worker, if you know how to use it properly. If you’re able to find the right concealer for your skin tone and type, you can easily hide your late night

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best bb cream for oily skin - girl testing a skin product

Best BB Cream for Oily Skin: The Top 11 You Should Check Out

If you’re up-to-date with the beauty and skincare industry these days, you’ll know that BB creams are in. You’ll also probably know that Korea creates some of the best beauty products in the world, which makes it no surprise that this popular type of cream was first created in Korea. In short, BB creams are your daily skincare routine in a bottle. BB cream contains a moisturizer, sunblock,

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