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There's a lot that goes into your skin care. This means that there are always new products coming out, touting revolutionary skincare ingredients you should try.

While not all of them are worth the purchase, we can recommend you jump on board the train of one.

Hyaluronic acid is a new name to the skin care beauty industry, but it's quickly securing its spot permanently as the answer to your skin care problems.

This serious boost of skin moisture gives your skin the treatment and protection it needs to fight everyday wear and aging.

Let’s take a look at our list of the 9 best hyaluronic serums to use in your daily skincare routine.

Why Are These the 9 Best Hyaluronic Serums?

We’ve done our research and come up with the 9 best hyaluronic serums, using a strategy that helps you to know the product better.

We do this first through an in-depth description of the product. We then follow this with a recommended retail price, finishing it off with a star rating out of five.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 9 best hyaluronic serums for your skin.

Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum Overall: SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier

We always like to start off on a high note, which is why we’ve chosen the best for first. Our first best hyaluronic acid serum combines this favorite ingredient with another, called proxylane. SkinCeuticals have put these two together because they help to balance each other out.

Botanical extracts of purple rice and licorice root work on a natural level so that you get the most out of your hyaluronic acid as well. All of these ingredients combined make a powerful serum that increases the levels of hyaluronic acid in your skin by an impressive 30%.

The result of this is improved skin texture and long-lasting hydration. We love this hyaluronic serum because it instantly absorbs into the skin, immediately giving your face a plumping and hydrating effect. Need we say more to convince you that this is the best hyaluronic acid overall?

Get the SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier for $98.00. We rate it 5/5 stars.

Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum Runner Up: Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum

Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum, 1 Ounce
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin
  • Gently exfoliates and removes impurities to brighten the look of skin and shrink the appearance of pores
  • An anti-aging serum that's formulated with botanical ingredients.
  • The package dimension of the product is 3.8cmL x 3.8cmW x 11.4cmH

Now that we've got the best out of the way let's take a look at which hyaluronic acid came in at a close second. The best thing about Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb’s hyaluronic serum is that they use plant-derived hyaluronic acid, making it great for you and for the environment.

These plant derivatives are effective at plumping up sagging skin and boosting the moisture levels. An additional ingredient, salicylic acid, helps to remove dirt and debris from your pores, preventing blemishes and evening out your skin tone.

This magical formula also helps to stimulate the production of collagen, resulting in younger looking skin. It even helps to fight photodamage that is caused by sun exposure.

We saw a different overnight in tone, hydration, and texture. If you're looking for something where the results are quick and visible, we recommend this hyaluronic acid. Get the Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum for $48.00. We rate it 5/5 stars.

Best Hyaluronic Acid for Quantity: SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator

SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator, 2 oz
  • Instantly smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Immediate hydration
  • Improves the appearance of skin texture and roughness

Quality is always something to prioritize quantity. Sometimes, however, if you've got a magical ingredient, the more you have of it, the better the results. The next hyaluronic serum on our list features not one, not two, but five different blends of hyaluronic acid. These five different hyaluronic serums work together to actively keep your skin moisturized and hydrated for a grand total of eight hours.

There’s more to this ingredient list, however. This hyaluronic serum also contains a powerful antioxidant that packs a punch, derived from the Vitis flower. This is the key to this formula being so effective. This naturally occurring antioxidant encourages the skin to produce its own hyaluronic acid so that when the products' version has worn off, the skin will continue to appear hydrated and moisturized.

The result of this is long-term skin health that will stick around. When applying this serum, you’ll experience a lovely matte feel that sits lightly on top of the skin. Get the SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator for $178.00. We rate it 5/5 stars.

Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Quick Absorption: Replenix Pure Hydration Hyaluronic Acid Serum

A lot of the time, serums like this that are packed with nutrients beneficial to your skin can be rich and thick to apply. What we love most about our next hyaluronic serum is that it absorbs quickly and feels like you’ve almost got nothing on.

The Replenix Hydration hyaluronic serum combines anti-aging antioxidants and peptides with humectants to maintain your skin’s moisture levels. It also works hard to protect your skin from those pesky free radicals, stimulating collagen production at the same time.

The best part of this hyaluronic serum is that it’s effective at moisturizing your skin. We recommend it if you’re someone who has always dealt with dry skin and just can’t seem to get away from it. Experience moisture like you’ve never experienced before with this hyaluronic acid serum. The effects are long-lasting, too.

Get the Replenix Pure Hydration Hyaluronic Acid Serum for $80.00. We rate it 5/5 stars.

Replenix Pure Hydration Hyaluronic Acid Serum Daily Moisturizer Deeply Hydrates and Plumps for Reduced Fine Lines and Wrinkles, 1 Oz
  • Nourishing hyaluronic acid helps replenish the skin barrier to hydrate, plump and rejuvenate skin resulting in a supple, smooth complexion.
  • Suitable for all skin types, this pure hyaluronic acid serum quenches dehydrated skin, visibly reducing the signs of aging.
  • Apply hyaluronic acid serum to clean face and neck 1-2x daily. Use alone or with your daily moisturizer for a boost of hydration.

Best Hyaluronic Acid for Ingredients: Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum

There are a number of different hyaluronic serums out there that focus so much on the acid itself that they forget about the quality of the other ingredients. The next hyaluronic serum on our list has divided their focus evenly. They’ve packed so many beneficial ingredients into their serum, in fact, that you’ll be hard-pressed not to see any results almost straight away.

The Peter Thomas Roth Water hyaluronic acid uses copper, zinc, manganese, iron, and silicon, all to leave your skin soft and smooth while balancing out moisture levels.

As well as this impressive lineup, this product is a whopping 75 hyaluronic acid. Double this with silk proteins, and you’ve got yourself an incredibly active hyaluronic acid serum that works wonders to super sensitive skin. We recommend this hyaluronic serum if you've got skin that's prone to acne or extra sensitive. Because you only want to put the best on your skin, it needs to be full of beneficial ingredients.

You can't go past this hyaluronic acid for ingredients. It will make such a difference to your fine lines and redness, you won't recognize yourself. Get the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum for $65.00. We rate it 4/5 stars.

Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Energizing: Paula’s Choice Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster

If you want to feel a zing in your skin, you’ll love the next hyaluronic acid on our list.

Paula’s Choice ups the ante by combining their hyaluronic acid with panthenol and adenosine. Adenosine, in particular, is known for helping to energize the surface of the skin as well as ironing out fine lines and crow’s feet.

Panthenol is excellent for soothing and keeping the skin nice and calm. It's got anti-inflammatory properties and seeps deep into the layers of the skin for extra moisturizing.

We recommend this hyaluronic acid if you’re just beginning to see the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and can’t quite bear the thought of them yet. Paula’s Choice will ease you in gently and minimize the appearance of them effectively.

This is also a great hyaluronic acid if you suffer from dry, flaky skin.

Get Paula’s Choice Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster for $34.00. We rate this hyaluronic acid 4/5 stars.

Paula's Choice BOOST Hyaluronic Acid Booster with Ceramides, Skin Hydration Serum, 0.5 Ounce
  • REVIVE DULL SKIN--Visibly plumps skin smoothing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, including fine lines around the eyes. From first use you'll see noticeably smoother, more hydrated, younger-looking skin. For Normal, Dry, Oily & Combination skin
  • Paula's Choice--BOOST Hyaluronic Acid Booster contains a specialized blend of skin-smoothing hyaluronic acid, skin replenishing ceramides and panthenol that penetrates skin's surface to help lock in moisture keeping your face hydrated and moisturized.
  • Use this booster alone or add a couple drops to a moisturizer twice daily as part of your morning & evening skin care. Use along with your favorite Paula's Choice cleanser, toner, exfoliator, spot treatments & moisturizer with SPF for daytime wear.
  • Paula's Choice products are made with YOUR SKIN in mind. Whatever your skincare concern, whether dryness, acne, fine lines, or sensitive skin; we've got a treatment line for you. The search for amazing skin care ends here. Finally, you found it.
  • Paula's Choice Skincare makes products that work. No fragrance, no parabens, no fluff. Just effective, science-backed formulas that target any concern from wrinkles to breakouts.

Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Oily Skin: PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum

All this talk about moisturizing – it’s great for some. However, if you’re someone who experiences oily skin, moisturizing may be the last thing you want. The next hyaluronic serum is excellent at moisturizing the skin without it becoming too oily. In fact, it's best known for helping to balance out the moisture levels in your skin. This means that if you suffer from bouts of oiliness, this serum will help even them out.

The reason why PCA Skin is so good at this is that they feature a propriety blend of hyaluronic acid that's patented. This blend encourages your skin to produce its own hyaluronic acid, naturally.

Because it does this, your skin has a much better chance of regulating the levels of hyaluronic acid than if it was outsourcing it the whole time.

The result of this gentle encouragement is long-term hydration, as well as anti-aging. This hyaluronic acid is excellent if you're looking for something that's going to encourage your skin to be healthy and moisturized without appearing to be too shiny. Get the PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum for $115.00. We rate it 4/5 stars.

PCA SKIN Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum - Instant Hydrating Serum (1 oz)
  • Instant hydration and smoothing on the surface of the skin
  • Deeper hydration and fine line reduction with the addition of hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid
  • Proprietary blend HA-Pro Complex encourages the skin to create its own hyaluronic acid, resulting in long-term anti-aging and hydration

Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Collagen: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster

Dr Dennis Gross Hydration Super Serum, 1.0 Ounce
  • Clinical Concentrate Booster - Hydrating Super
  • The professional strength, time-released formula also infuses your skin with deep moisture
  • made in the USA.

We all want different things when it comes to skincare. While a lot of you may look to hyaluronic acid serum for hydration, some of you may prefer to use it for anti-aging.

The next hyaluronic serum on our list is a big fan of collagen. In fact, it's almost entirely made up of collagen. Combine this with ingredients like watermelon, copper, and Centella asiaica, and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse for plump skin.

These ingredients also play a vital role in repairing skin that’s been damaged by exposure to the sun. They also help to keep the production of excess sebum at bay, while glycolic and lactic acids help to keep the texture of your skin nice and refined.

We recommend this hyaluronic acid if your skin has been through a bit. Often, if your skin is prone to acne, you'll be required to use cleansers and moisturizers that are tough and full of potent ingredients.

This hyaluronic serum is excellent if you’re looking for something that’s going to heal, repair and replenish, without being too harsh. Get the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster for $68.00. We rate it 3.5/5 stars.

Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Enrichment: Sanitas Skincare Hyaluronic Concentrate

There are two different types of ‘rich' in skincare products. The first is rich consistency, which can get old. The second is when the ingredients are rich, which increase the quality and appearance of your skin.

The last hyaluronic serum on our list falls into the latter category. The Sanitas Skincare hyaluronic acid serum not only gives your skin an extra boost of moisture, but it also enriches your skin by reaching parts of it that otherwise can’t be reached.

The ingredient Niacinamide also helps to neutralize damage that oxygen causes to your skin, while simultaneously creating a protective barrier around the outermost layer.

This hyaluronic serum is excellent if you’ve got fickle, normal to combination skin that is sometimes oily, sometimes dry and in need of moisture.

When your skin does need hydration, this hyaluronic acid will deliver without making it feel sticky or oily. When it is oily, this serum will sink through into the deeper layers to give you a smooth, plump feeling.

Looking at the 9 Best Hyaluronic Acid Serums

There’s so much to choose from, so we know it can be overwhelming. However, there’s a reason there is such choice. Because everyone’s skin is different, one product that’s worked on one type of skin might be terrible on another.

That’s why you need people like us to compose lists like this that are well-researched. Hopefully, it will take you no time at all to figure out which hyaluronic acid is best for your skin type.

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