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Welcome to Beauty Pro Reviews. Our beauty website is here to help you find the best beauty and makeup products on the market today. Our goal is to help you feel beautiful.

If you want to find out which is the best makeup, smudge-free eyeliner, best shampoo for your specific type of hair, or best body lotion, you’ll get all the information you need, here at Beauty Pro Reviews.  

To that end, we provide information, tips, and guides to keep you informed about all the latest beauty products from makeup to hair dye. 

You’ll also find guides on body care, tanning lotions, the best deodorant — and so much more.

We’ll advise you on how to properly use the equipment and products available for your beauty care, too. And through our clear guides, you’ll get help in making the most out of all that’s available on the market today.

Maybe you’re wondering what’s the best makeup for coverage, the best organic BB cream, or even the best anti-aging foundation. You’ll find those answers here. What’s more — we only review high-quality products from renowned providers to make sure that your makeup is always on point.

Even better? You’ll find step-by-step instructions and video tutorials so you can practice with the latest makeup trends and get ideas and inspirations for new and fun ways to wear your makeup.

Meet the Team

Our team is a group of beauty experts who are obsessed with makeup, and beauty care products. What this means for you is that you can bet we’re keeping an eye on the market for all the trendy styles, products, and equipment to bring out your most beautiful self. 

With in-depth reviews, guides, tips, and tutorials, you know that Beauty Pro Reviews is your one-stop-shop for all the things to keep you looking beautiful.

Chief Editor

Ashlee Montgomery

I work to provide our editorial team with resources and projects based on their areas of expertise. My experience in make-up comes from years of participating in beauty pageants.

There’s really nowhere that the perfect look is more essential than on a runway. But that doesn’t mean all women don’t want to be runway ready.

So, whether you’re searching for ideas to use in your own beauty and make-up routine or you want inspiration as a makeup artist, you can count on me to make sure you’ll get plenty of ideas and information here at beautyproreviews.com — You can contact me at amontgomery@beautyproreviews.com

Junior Editor

Tonya Parks

The biggest part of my job is fact-checking our articles and reviews to ensure all of the information is accurate. At the same time, I have an opportunity to discover industry trends and work up ideas for fun and informative articles.

My pet project is finding drug store beauty products and makeup that’s comparable to high-end brands. Because regardless of your income level, every woman wants to look and feel beautiful. Contact me at tparks@beautyproreviews.com 

MakeUp Artist

Corinne Pollard

I’m a professional makeup artist, so I have to keep up with trends in the industry. My clients are actors, actresses, models, and everyday folks who are getting a professional photoshoot. I also do runway make-up and occasionally will get called out to help someone look like a princess for prom.

As the resident makeup expert here at Beauty Pro Reviews, I write our product reviews. I know what to look for, what brands are trending, and how to talk beauty. Consider me your personal beauty consultant.  Contact me at cpollard@beautyproreviews.com